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Coal Additive : Additive to reduce unburnt carbon, soot deposits in coal fired boilers. Reduction and prevention of clinker / hard deposits in coal fired boilers. The product is in use from a very long time.
Boiler Additives : Boilers operating on heavy fuel oil/HFO, to prevent corrosion due to sulfur and vanadium attackThe products are approved, tested and being using in supercritical boilers.
Turbine Additives : For turbine using heavy fuel oil and crude oil to prevent corrosion attack.The products are using and approved by major OEM’s currently being supplied to many power plants around the world.
Combustion Catlyst : To improve combustion at same time reduce unburn carbon and soot in ash in diesel engines and boilers.
Demulsifiers :To break the water and oil bond in crude oil storage or in Desalters in refineires.

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