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Leaders in Fuel Additives, Compressor Cleaner, Dosing system and Water Treatment Chemical


Clean Boiler Tubes

Sun chemical company ltd based in Japan Involved in number of power plant project using heavy fuel oil, coal and gas. We have established a plant and research and development center in middle east and japan to formulate and fuel additive. We have a range of fuel additives for Boiler, Gas Turbines and diesel engines. our new generation Compressor cleaners are water based which are biodegradable hence no harm to environment and people working in plants. Sun Chemical with it's vast experience can test flue gas to ascertain sulphur and other hazardous emissions.

Acid Dewpoint Monitoring System

Most plants firing fuels containing sulphur (in varying quantities) should consider the benefits of sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature monitoring. The plants or processes which would benefit most include those burning Fuel Oil, Petcoke, Coal, or Emulsion and Diesel Fuel Oil . Acid Dewpoint temperature measurement gives valuable information on the combustion process. It can be used to estimate the concentration of SO3 and H2SO4 in the stack, as well as giving valuable data on the process efficiency.

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Ammonia Dosing Skid Design and Installation.

We have research development and design of fuel additive dosing skids for all type of fuel additives , Including for coal, Turbine etc. We also design Ammonia dosing skid for dosing ammonia in boiler water treatment . We design water treatment skids and all our manufacture are inhouse as per ASME and Japanese standards.

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Turbine Fuel Additive.

Our Additives OM - 20T / OM -12 / OM - 13T / OBM - 25  containing magnesium [Mg] are primarily used to control vanadic oxidation by modifying ash composition and increasing the ash melting point. By combining V2O5 at an appropriate Mg/V treatment ratio magnesium orthovanadate [3MgO.V2O5] with a high melting point of about 1243°C (2269°F) forms as a new ash component. Corrosion is controlled by ensuring that the combustion ash remains in a solid state on gas turbine blades and vanes and does not melt. By reacting with sulfur in the fuel the magnesium additionally generates magnesium sulfate [MgSO4] ash. Being water-soluble this ash facilitates the removal of combustion ash in general through periodic washing of the hot gas path enabling the recovery of lost power.


Combustion Catalyst

Our Additive is a high-dense combustion enhancer along with sludge dispersant properties, the product for fuel oil/furnace oil combustion in boilers using heavy fuel oil or furnace oil or diesel where the problem of unburnt carbon which arises in heavy oil combustion ids drastically reduced by the additive. The additive also treats corrosion due to vanadium and Sulphur attack as well as increase the combustion of fuel due to the presence of combustion catalyst and asphaltene dispercant it reduces the carbon in soot

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